Tsunami Pump


Our Premium range of Water Pump

Premium Home Booster Pump (CMH, CMF, CMS, JLM, BJZ, SOFT, TRS) series. 

Lifestyle Enhancement Pump for Swimming Pool (SCPB) and Jacuzzi (JUC) series. 

Submersible Pump for water fountain features, KOI ponds, etc (MUS, HQP, MVH, HYL) series. 

Construction and Industrial Pump (MBA, MBF, CUT, KBZ, FDM, DEP, TCA) series. 

Customized vertical multistage centrifugal pump for factories and high rise buildings (CVF series).

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All Tsunami Pump products are covered under the standard manufacturer warranty. 

Respective series warranty period are stated as per below:

3.1 Home Series

(a) CMH, CMS, CMF Series

Residential usage -> 2 years

Commercial usage -> 1 year

(b) SOFT 3 & SOFT 5 Series

Residential usage -> 2 years + 1 year

Commercial usage -> 2 years

(c) BJZ & JLM Series

Residential & Commercial usage -> 1 year


3.2 High Pressire Cleaner Series [HPC]

Residential & Commercial usage -> 1 year


3.3 Indsutrial & Construction Series

CMH8, CVF, FDM, JUC, KBZ, R50, R75, R95, SCPB, SWP, TCA & TRS Series

Residential usage (only applicable to TRS Series) -> 1 year

Commercial usage -> 1 year


3.4 Submersible Pump Series


Commercial usage -> 1 year



- Please contact or whatapps to our service hotline 017-6655488 for both under warranty and over warranty claim.

  In order for our outdoor service team to serve you better, please have the following information ready when calling.

  i) Pump Model

  ii) Date of Purchase

  iii) Technical Issue detail

Service hotline operation hour

Mon - Fri : 9.00am to 5.30pm

Sat: 9.00am to 1.00pm