About Us

CSP Advance Sdn Bhd began its business operation under a sole proprietorship in 2007 and is currently one of the fastest growing water booster pump specialist company in Malaysia.

CSP Advance Sdn Bhd provides a one stop Sales & Service centre at our corporate office. Backed by a strong teamwork of employees; our Sales Team, Operation, Technical Support, Warehousing and Delivery Team, we ensure our daily Sales Order or Customer Enquiry are promptly processed and followed through in a timely manner.

Our product manufacturer in Taiwan and China and assembled locally in Malaysia.  We are fully committed to helping our customers resolve and optimize their home water solution needs with the right suitable home water booster pumps or filtration products. 


Our Mission and Vision:

Our Mission - To provide reliable, practical, cost-saving, ease of use and convenient “Home Improvement” products, so consumers can enjoy their improved and comfortable homely lifestyle environment.

Our Vision - Be a water pumping benchmark with the highest ethical standards that delivers exceptional value for our customers & our dealers. We aim to be the best performing water pump supplier in Asia. We also aim to create solution for our customer’s success, delivering exceptional value in a sustainable way.